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How to make your previous home an investment property

Posted by : Gerry Goodman on Sep 08,2018 05:51 PM
How to make your previous home an investment property

The concept of a rental maintenance company in Orange County CA was previously unknown to most homeowners of the area. However, over the past decade, such companies have proven to be of much value to homeowners who wish to convert their current houses into investment properties and make them available at the rental market.

Reasons homeowners feel like leaving their homes

While such reasons are particular to each and every one, the most usual reasons include –

  • They are moving out of their home
  • They have bought another place to live in
  • The desire to be a landlord

Then, the primary duty of a property-owner becomes initiating complete detachment from his/her emotional connection with the previous home. While this can be an achievable process, thanks to their new property coupled with the prospect of income from monthly rent payments, there are several other steps involved in making houses for rent yield a good ROI.

Here are the major steps involved in transforming the landlord’s own home into an investment property –


The necessities will differ by neighborhood, but for residential properties to serve as rental properties, authorizations are mandatory. Safety of all the parties involved is the basic importance behind these authorization processes and permits. Usually, an assessor from the local administration will examine the property for several safety threats involving electrical wirings, central heating systems, and adequate exit-points in the home along with other mandatory security concerns. These certifications are not costly, but they may take some time to process and they are absolutely compulsory. For instance, there are several crucial taxation laws involved in the process which when not abided by, leads to heavy punishments and fines.

Maintenances and Upgrades

Along with providing the elementary necessities, the property owner must put himself in the shoes of a manager of a rental maintenance company in Orange County CA and be aware of the fact that anything he repairs or installs enhances the value of the home, making it more attractive to those on the look-out for a property. Property seekers are probably comparing all the available rental properties on the market.

The best real estate management companies pull off huge sales by presenting an ordinary property in an extraordinary manner. The least a property owner can do is to make sure the house is clean, recently painted, and does not display anything that suggests low-value. The cost of the upgrades and maintenances need to be recouped in the rental charges. Hence, the quality presentation is crucial.

Search for Tenants

As soon as the property owner or manager decides to start property management operations to prepare the home for renting out, he should start looking for tenants. Finding a good tenant is a laborious task. Complying with the Fair Housing Laws of the state is crucial. These rules keep constantly getting upgraded, hence, double-checking is essential.

Why Hiring a Rental Maintenance Company in Orange County CA is the Best Option

The nuisances that come with the everyday responsibilities of being a landlord can be too much for most property owners who have other things to worry about. Hiring a property management company to act in place of the landlord is a great option.

A standard rental maintenance company in Orange County CA can

  • Handle all the permits, authorizations and related paperwork
  • Repair specific areas to increase property value
  • Maintain the property on a regular basis
  • Conduct tenant screening processes
  • Collect rent
  • Communicate with the tenants

Property Management companies also assist the landlord with the legal dealings of evicting occupants. Evicting a renter is a legal procedure that is tedious and usually normal property owners are not equipped to deal with such situations.

The firm usually charges a fee of 10% on the rent earned for providing this service.


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